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  Let us join you on your world trip   

 ‘n Groene Kans (“a Green Chance”) is a certified organic market garden in the village of Groenekan, about 7 km from downtown Utrecht, in the center of the Netherlands.

We grow a very large variety of vegetables (about 60 different kinds), potatoes, strawberries, different kinds of berries, and some herbs and flowers, and have a small greenhouse (400 m2), where in summer we produce cucumbers, tomatoes, and tropical beans. We enjoy the help of local and international volunteers and trainees.

Since 2011 WWOOFers and international trainees have been part of ‘n Groene Kans on a regular basis.

We’ve had WWOOFers from all over the world, and trainees through different programs such as the Farm Experience of the Boerengroep at the WUR, people who do an exchange year at the HAS, or people who do an international traineeship as part of their Agricultural Studies in their home country (f.e. Agrocampus Ouest - Angers (FR))

We enjoy sharing our knowledge about organic farming and food, the exchange of cultures, and as a bonus the extra helping hands make our work a little lighter and even more enjoyable.

WWOOFers generally help out in the mornings (we start the day at 6am!) so you have the afternoons off to explore the beautiful city and province of Utrecht.

If you are interested in helping out, please visit our profile and contact us through the messaging system.

Trainees can contact us directly at

We expect WWOOFers to become a member of WWOOF The Netherlands. It only costs €20, and for one whole year you will have access to the contact details of 50+ other farms in the Netherlands, and can connect with fellow WWOOFers.

For us this is proof that you agree with the terms and conditions of WWOOFing, and that you are not an (illegal) employee, but a volunteer in an exchange program. 


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